November 26, 2022


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My name is Rich Leonard or also known as Renegade Rich. 

I started Area Control Network back in the late 1990s It has since bloomed into this site and over 30 other News and Niche websites that I have created. Area Control Network also owns over 120 rare domain names. You can learn more about ACN here and on the mother ACN website Area Control Network. I have opened this part of Area Control Network for others to join the network to promote their businesses, websites, post your stories, news & commune, collaborate, teach and learn with other members in Area Control Network.

Area Control Network focuses on News and informative website, this is the foundation of ACN. I do not entertain fake news, conspiracies, lies or any kind of activity that promotes Strife Confusion or Hate and will not be tolerated. I do however allow Factual news and information that stans on research and proof.

I have just started listing the domain names that I am selling here at the network, you can also find out more about those on Its Domains

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