June 28, 2022


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About U.S. Veterans

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I started US Veterans many years ago with the website: U.S. Veterans I have always said its Veterans Helping Veterans because I am a Veteran, however that website has never had a place for veterans to gather, make websites, list their businesses and help other Veterans. U.S. Veterans it is full of news and information for veterans.   USA Veterans is part of my main Network. Area Control Network  is my first Network website started about 2005 and the mother to over 30 of my websites including Veterans. 

I am now just starting Veterans Watch Its free to sign up here at Veterans Watch, you will have the opportunity to do a lot for others and tell your stories as well!  You can upgrade your account after you sign up for a small monthly fee to help me maintain this site and to receive more site benefits like adding links in all your post.  I do this to screen out the hackers and spammers and for a little support from my users. I am doing all this on my own dime and I could use all the support I can get.

Veterans Watch is a website I have long desired to start and finally after many attempts and many years I have done it. So, I hope you enjoy it and will be looking forward to seeing you in the site.

It Our Watch Vets!
Join me helping other veterans. Active-duty welcome, some day you will be veteran
Join: Veterans Watch

Rich The Renegade!
P.S I am also known as Rich the Renegade

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